Terms and Conditions

The Renter will not do anything that could adversely affect the Owner/Property Manager’s insurance over the Accommodation. The Owner/Property Manager will not insure the personal effects of the Renter. The Renter acknowledges that all personal items and vehicles (including vehicle contents) of the Renter remain the Renter’s responsibility and the Owner/Property Manager accepts no responsibility for loss or damage. In the event that the Renter uses extra facilities at the Accommodation including, but not limited to, kayaks, dinghies, bicycles,sup board,BBQs such use is entirely at the Renter’s own risk at all times and ‘Driftwood Lodge Motel’ accepts no responsibility for any injury or loss to the Renter. Children are to be supervised at all times by a parent or responsible adult.

Rates are based on 2 persons and an additional $20 per night per person is applicable.